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Rectangular Premium HD Trampoline 7 x 9 ft (281 x 201 cm). In Stock

Trolltunga, Norway

Rectangular Premium HD Trampoline 7 x 9 ft (281 x 201 cm). In Stock

Price: 699.00 Delivery: Free Shipping

Heavy Duty Premium  Rectangular Trampoline 7 x 9 ft  HI Flyer


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Buying a trampoline?   This trampoline suits you ?

Buying a trampoline? This trampoline suits you!

Do you want to buy a trampoline but you are not sure which one suits you best or perhaps the  Master? And in which shape? Which trampoline is best for you depends on a certain number of factors: the size of your garden, the usage of the trampoline and your budget.

Buy a squared trampoline? 
Buying a squared trampoline (also known as a rectangular trampoline) is ideal if you have a smaller garden. Because it’s easily placed in a corner, a rectangular trampoline like the Etan Premium trampoline uses less space. If you want a sleek garden look or if you don’t you want a standing model, you can choose for an in-ground model.

Buy an in-ground trampoline?
Buying an in-ground trampoline has its advantages. The appearance of the garden won’t be harmed, a safety net is (not yet) obligated, and children learn faster to control their jumps without a safety net. One of the disadvantages of an in-ground trampoline is that it cannot be moved easily and the hole has got to be filled if you dismount the trampoline. Nevertheless, an in-ground trampoline will provide years of fun!

Buy a small trampoline?
No, a smaller trampoline doesn’t automatically mean a squared or in-ground trampoline. There are also round trampolines available in a smaller size. The E models start at a diameter of 183 cm. Although it could be a solution for a smaller garden, we still recommend you to consider a bigger trampoline. Children easily pick up the moves and when they start making trickier jumps, a bigger trampoline is much more enjoyable.

Buy the best trampoline?
The best trampoline is different for everybody. If you have a larger budget and you want to make serious jumps, you could choose for an Etan Premium trampoline. Trampolining is a competitive sport and ideal for gymnastics. Children are exercising more, improving their  development and best of all, they really enjoy it!


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