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Trolltunga, Norway

Etan 12.5 x 9ft (380 x 275cm)Premium Flat-Level Rectangular Trampoline

Price: 1,135.00 Delivery: Free Shipping

Etan In Ground Flat Level Trampoline , sits flush on the grass , easy to install, no major dig out ,  V shaped pit to 70cms ( 28ins) . Just make sure the ground has good drainage


The Etan Premium Flat trampoline 380 x 275 cm / 12.5 x 9 ft in the colour green or grey is a European quality flat ground trampoline with the features of the well-known Etan Premium trampolines. This trampoline is fully dug in at ground level and is therefore level with the surface. This trampoline is placed in the hole instead of on top of it. The 380 x 274 / 12.5 x 5 ft  trampoline is the largest size of the rectangular trampolines.

Just like the entire Etan Premium trampoline line, the Etan Premium Flat trampolines are produced in Europe. European materials, European production standards, and even more important European quality! The trampoline springs come from the Netherlands and the PVC, the material our trampoline pads are made of, comes from Germany. The tight grey trampoline safety pads and the look of a ground-level trampoline ensure your garden will be transformed into a true jumping paradise. With this Etan Premium Flat trampoline 380  x 275 cm / 12.5 x 9ft green or grey, you will have years of jumping fun!


Ground-level trampoline from Etan

The ground-level trampoline is a trampoline specially designed to dig in. Because the trampoline is completely ground-level, it doesn’t need a trampoline safety net. Etan has two different trampoline lines which are ground-level, namely the Etan PremiumFlat trampolines and the Etan UltraFlat trampolines. Both collections are made of European materials and in Etan’s own factory in the heart of Europe. Because of the OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat, the air under the trampoline moves optimally and you won’t get a dull jump. Ideal for high jumps and cool tricks!

In-ground trampolines with net

The forerunner of the ground-level trampolines are the in-ground trampolines, which protrude about 23 cm above the ground. Nowadays, the in-ground trampoline has a safety net, because of new legislation regarding safety. So if you want to be careful, choose a trampoline with safety net. Do your children have more experience, then a flatground trampoline is also very safe.

A round or a rectangular trampoline?

Don’t know whether you should choose a round or a rectangular trampoline? Both trampolines have their advantages. A round trampoline has a central jumping point, which keeps you, as a jumper, in the centre of the trampoline. A rectangular trampoline doesn’t have a central jumping point, which makes you jump from one side of the trampoline to the other. This is perfect for somersaults and other tricks. If you have a somewhat smaller garden, a rectangular trampoline fits in well. This trampoline takes up less space and you can easily place it in a corner of your garden.


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