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Trolltunga, Norway

Durlang Lomme JE 2970 Wooden Swing Set -In Stock

Price: 589.00


Dimensions 360 mtr wide x 338 long x 260 high, a sturdy swing that’s set in the ground 30cm deep and will not sway as other makes do as they sit on top of the ground.  For safety , it is imperative to set the swing set  in the ground.  This is the strongest swing on the market. Please note cracks may appear in the wood in dry conditions. This is a natural course and does not take from the integrity or durability of the wood. In winter conditions the cracks will disappear.    2 x swing seats , 1 x see-saw & 1 x 8ft ( 244) slide.

Chrome plated swing hooks with adjustable ropes.

Blow Moulded Heavy Duty Swing Seats with soft handling ropes.

See -Saw Glider is adjustable in height.

3.6 mtr full length  top pole x 100 mm for Safety and Stability .

Pre treated Scandinavian  wood to prevent fungus and rot. ( After 12 months it is advisable to paint with  a water based paint to keep the natural wood colour . Once every 4 to 5 years is sufficient)

Swing Sets  can be customized to your preferences.

Delivery €79.00


Dimensions: 360 (Width) x 348 (Length) x 260 (Height) 6 x upright poles 80mm,   1 x top pole 100mm .The Lomme JE2970 is the largest swing set on the market , has 2 x swing seats and 1 x see-saw glider and  an 8ft Slide. There are  loads of space to fit a 2 child cradle or a tyre or a nest ( see swing accessories) instead of a seat or see-saw .There is  an extra cost for this ( negotiable!). Adjustable (in height ) see- saw glider. No other swing provider can offer this option. Don’t be taken in with cheaper swings that sit on top of the ground  and held in by ground anchors. They do not  work and do not  stop the swing from swaying from side to side. Proper stabilizing is achieved by setting the swing 30 mms (12 ins) in the ground.  All our wood is pressure treated against rot and fungus . It is the strongest swing on the market.  It will not sway from side to side. Has an 8ft green wavy slide.   Accessories : slide , seats, carry a 1 year warranty.  Please note cracks may appear in the wood in dry conditions and does not take from the integrity or durability of the product . In winter conditions the cracks will disappear .Please note that colours may vary and pictures are a guide only. Corner brackets, seats and slide are dark green, seat holder rings on top pole are galvanised steel ( silver colour) and are far superior to painted steel rings and will last for years. .While every effort is made  to have the swing as sturdy as possible, we cannot allow for the elements such as storms and hurricanes. The onus is on the customer to take the necessary precautions in the event of a storm,  to remove the seats and slide, especially the baby seat (if one is used) as it is liable to cracking by hitting against the wood. If the swing is not in use in winter, remove the seats and slide. Delivery €79.00

It is advisable to paint the wood (after 12 months and when dry) with a water based paint such as Fence Life, otherwise the wood will fade into a grey colour.


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