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Trolltunga, Norway

Etan 8ft Premium Flat Level In Ground Trampoline, Free Delivery

Price: 825.00 Delivery: Free Shipping

There are various reasons why you could opt for a 8ft trampoline. Apart from the fact that it will fit in almost any garden, this trampoline is also extremely suitable for smaller jumpers. Because these 8ft trampolines have fewer trampoline springs, it’s easier for children with lower body weight to jump higher. In addition, our Etan Premium models have the Etan Diamond System. This system makes sure every jumper, regardless of body weight, can jump smoothly. Curious how this works? Then read the blog post; everything you need to know about the Etan Trampoline 



 Do you want to dig in a 8ft trampoline?

Just like all other trampoline sizes, the 8ft trampolines are available as an inground trampoline. An in-ground trampoline needs to be dug in to be able to use it properly. You do this by digging a bowl-shaped pit on the spot where you want your trampoline. For example, you need to do this for a 8ft trampoline with the following dimensions. 55cm deep and 210 wide. The trampoline is placed on the edges of the pit. Make sure you don’t let the walls go down too steeply to prevent the pit from collapsing. When you have dug the pit, make sure you compact it well.


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