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Trolltunga, Norway

6.5 x 9ft Avyna Flat Level In-Ground Trampoline ( 281 x 201)

Price: 1,039.00

Avyna Pro-Line Flat Level Trampoline

An Avyna Pro-Line Flat trampoline, the flat ground trampoline of European quality. Just like all Avyna trampolines, the safety pads are made of extremely strong European PVC. What makes this trampoline jump so perfectly is the Avyna Opti Flow trampoline jumping mat. This jumping mat has an open structure, which creates an optimal airflow. This trampoline guarantees the cleanest fun and highest jumps.

Avyna Pro-Line Flat Level

The Avyna Flat-Level trampoline is the trampoline for the jumper who wants to make the coolest jumps. Made of qualitative European materials and produced in Avyna’s own factory in Europe. A 3mm thick tubular frame provides a powerful base, a Pro-Line Opti Flow trampoline jumping mat for optimal airflow and the Avyna Quick Spring springs for the ultimate powerful jump! The Avyna Flat Level trampoline is a level in-ground trampoline with a lifetime guarantee*.

Avyna Pro-Line Flat-Level trampoline 281 x 201 cm (213) – Grey

This trampoline is the newest and smallest rectangular Flat-Level trampoline in our product range. The trampoline is made of high quality and durable materials. An Avyna trampoline guarantees years of jumping fun.

This Flat-Level trampoline is made of the best materials and is equipped  with a grey safety pad, double galvanized springs and a flexible jumping mat for optimal jump comfort. The safety pad completely covers the springs. Flat-Level trampolines are top sellers and very popular nowadays. The Flat-Level trampoline will be completely buried into the ground, in comparison with our In-Ground trampolines (20 cm above the ground).

All Avyna Pro-Line trampolines are designed and produced in our own factory in Vietnam. With an Avyna trampoline you will get quality, safety and durability. Our trampolines have an extremely long lifespan and we are certainly proud of that. For that reason we offer a lifetime warranty on our trampoline frames. We also pay a lot of attention to the details, such as stichting. Avyna trampolines belong to the highest segment trampolines. Avyna trampolines comply with the latest safety requirements for private as well as public use. Do you know that Avyna trampolines even have been tested as the best in America!

Available in Green, Grey , Black


Avyna 213-FL Pro-Line Flat-Level Trampoline

A good Avyna In Ground  trampoline for a great price. Our Pro-Line Flat-Level trampoline is perfect as a first trampoline for the whole family! The Avyna Pro-Line  Flat-Level trampoline has a 3mm thick safety pad, unheard of in this price class. Available as an in-ground trampoline and as an standing model. Are you ready for ultimate jumping fun?


Product Information

The Model 213-FL is a rectangular trampoline that comes with jumping mat, galvanized springs of two types (L=175mm, 3.2mm and L=175mm, 3.8mm), safety pad, K-tube, L-tube, H-tube, C-tube, J-tube, T-tube, measuring rod, Parker screw, plastic plates, and fasteners for the safety pad. The package also includes a user manual, safety manual, warning card, and tie rip for the warning card. Additionally, the safety net for Model 213-FL is available separately and includes pole with sleeve for safety net, pole for safety net, clamp screw M6x30, straps for safety net, closure for safety net, fastening for safety net, screw M8, Allen key, and  wrench.

Product Usage Instructions

  1. Start by assembling the frame of the trampoline using the L-tubes, H-tubes, C-tubes, J-tubes, and T-tubes as per the assembly manual.
  2. Attach the jumping mat to the frame using the springs provided. Use galvanized spring L=175mm, 3.2mm for this purpose.
  3. Install the safety pad around the perimeter of the trampoline. Use the K-tubes to attach the safety pad to the frame.
  4. Attach the galvanized spring L=175mm, 3.8mm to the jumping mat.
  5. Use the Allen key to tighten the screws M6 (4 in number) on the TEPL-213-fl-802 / A part.
  6. Attach the plastic plates (2213-121 / A and 2213-121 / B) to the frame using the screws M8 (8 in number) on the TEPL-213-fl-802 / A and TEPL-213-fl-802 / B parts.
  7. Attach the safety net to the trampoline using the poles, clamp screw M6x30, straps, closure, fastening, screw M8, Allen key, and wrench provided.
  8. Make sure to follow the safety instructions provided in the safety manual and warning card.


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