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Trolltunga, Norway

10ft Etan Sky-Flyer HD In-Ground Round Trampoline with Safety Net

Price: 699.00 Delivery: Free Shipping

Etan  Sky-Flyer 10ft In-Ground Trampoline. Easily inserted in  the ground without having to dig a massive pit . Bowl shaped pit from ground zero to 29″ deep in  centre . Galvanized steel throughout. 2.1 x 42 mm steel. Will take much more use than any other make.

Available only with Safety Enclosure

No need for an obtrusive  trampoline in your garden with this in-ground 10ft trampoline. Won’t blow away in a storm! Small bowl shaped pit, see recommendations. Good drainage required .  With a Safety Enclosure.

Specifications :

Tube:  2.1 x 42mm Galvanised Steel

Jump Mat : Permatron

Spring Cover : EPE Foam 340 x 30mm

Colour : Green


Made in Holland


FREE DELIVERY  :  3 to 4 Days



Easily Accessible for Children

In ground trampoline has an extremely small gap from the ground that’s why kids could utilise it quickly. While in other types we have to care for youngsters due to height of trampoline. In traditional trampolines there are a lot more chances of injury while landing on the ground.

Easy to Maintain

In- ground trampoline is under the ground so its more stable than conventional trampolines, as it is not quickly moved with stress of the  wind. Due to the fact that of less height from ground it is simple to cover an in-ground trampoline.

The opening where your trampoline sits in the ground requires to be smaller than your trampoline so it gets proper air flow. This gives a gap where feet as well as hands might get caught  which might result in an extreme injury.
Types of In Ground Trampoline
We could split in ground trampoline into two fundamental types according to presence of trampoline from the ground. These are following


In ground trampolines appreciate appeal of nature as it does not ruin the natural sight of the garden/yard. Upper ground trampolines become obstacles in the sight of garden/yard where they are  installed.



Water drainage of in ground trampoline need to be inspected thoroughly. All almost all of these trampolines are underground. That’s why efficient drainage is needed. If water obstructs inside the pit (hole) then triggers corrosion,  thus results in the poor  working of the  trampoline. If constructing a wall , though not necessary, perforated pipelines including lots of holes  must be fixed to enable  efficient draining

Air flow

Ventilation is an essential specification to be taken into consideration while mounting an in ground trampoline. It develops an air stress under the jumping mat when user bounces on the mat so it is vital that there is good ventilation

Deepness of Trench

First step of instalment of in-ground trampoline is to dig a trench in the ground in accordance with the dimension or demand of the trampoline. It needs to be just 2 feet  smaller compared to diameter of trampoline.

Retaining Wall – Optional

A preserving wall surface developed of rock, blocks or concrete jobs as a barrier between trench dirt and framework of trampoline. Before building this wall surface we ought to inspect two times the called for measurements of trampoline. Key intention of this wall is to stop dust from getting into the structure.

Currently, there is a better method to enjoy getting on a trampoline. An in ground trampoline is safer compared to conventional trampolines as well as according to lots of people, much better to look at in their backyard.

Advantages of In Ground Trampoline

In ground trampoline includes numerous benefits like: Look, Security, Easy Accessible for kids & easy to maintain etc. Right here is the listing of all advantages thoroughly


Flush To Ground

As the  name describes  ,this in ground trampoline is  flush with the ground. In these trampolines a maintaining wall needs to be installed  in the trench.


Safety and security is a most significant criterion of a trampoline which every person should look at top priority. In these types of trampolines there is very little gap in between leaping mat and also ground therefore decreases the possibilities of injury.

Breathing space

Elbow room is the underground area around the trampoline which is used to fix or eliminate any kind of dust or unwanted bits that could fall in underground of trampoline location .It  is extremely hard to take out the  entire trampoline because of its heavy weight.


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