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Trolltunga, Norway

Etan Sky-Flyer 8ft InGround Trampoline & Enclosure ,. Free Delivery

Price: 679.00 Delivery: Free Shipping

Etan Round  In Ground Sky-Flyer Trampoline and Enclosure 8ft

Trampoline 8ft. What are the benefits?

There are various reasons why you could opt for a 8ft trampoline. Apart from the fact that it will fit in almost any garden, this trampoline is also extremely suitable for smaller jumpers. Because these 08ft trampolines have fewer trampoline springs, it’s easier for children with lower body weight to jump higher. In addition, our Etan Premium models have the Etan Diamond System. This system makes sure every jumper, regardless of body weight, can jump smoothly. Curious how this works? Then read the blog post; everything you need to know about the Etan Premium trampoline.

With an Etan trampoline, you make a difference!

Trampolines have been in our gardens for many years, but not every trampoline is the same. Many trampoline brands, for instance, come from the far east. At Etan Trampolines, we produce our Etan Premium and Etan UltraFlat trampolines ourselves in our own factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We opt for European materials, European production standards, and European quality. Because we produce within the European borders, we are not dependent on Asia, which enables us to produce customized products and to quickly adapt to your needs.

But the high quality is not the only reason why we made this step. We want to offer equal opportunities to the less fortunate in our society. That is why our factory is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A country that is in the middle of the aftermath of a war. There, we help orphanages by donating clothes and food, offer our employees long-term contracts and try to help them build a future. This is how we do our bit. Are you curious about our story?



8ft Sky-Flyer Round In Ground Trampoline & Enclosure

Should I choose an Etan Sky-Flyer upright or in-ground trampoline?

This question is difficult to answer. It depends entirely on personal preference. Do you want to be able to move the trampoline? Then it might be wise to choose an upright trampoline. Don’t you want to have a big obstacle in your garden? Then choose an in-ground trampoline.

How safe is the Etan Sky-Flyer?

Children jump extra safely on an Etan Sky-Flyer trampoline with safety net. The internal safety net is attached to the jumping mat and makes sure you can’t reach the trampoline springs. Any falls are always absorbed, so children can always try out new jumps and tricks while being fully protected.

trampoline protective pad ensures that you cannot fall directly on the springs and the frame. The protective frame has a 2 cm thick foam filling and is made of German PVC, super for this price range!


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